Alien attack
I sat down next to this guy at the station and for where he was sleeping he was the happiest man Ive ever met. It took him 60 seconds to teach me what it took to be as happy as he was. He decided his own fate, he chose to smile everyday when he woke up.
Growing older in time but remaining young at heart. LA|2014 Photo by @_vlgr
Nashville hip-hop artist Jace Webb delivers a big yet clean sound while speaking his mind through his music. He is planning to drop new singles from his upcoming album within the month—Follow him at @jacewebbmusic to stay updated Photo by @acaciaevans || Nashville, TN | 2014
Shoutout to @local_honey for delivering us a venue for the first music/art gathering every First Friday of the month! Check out their vintage store and barber shop located on Belmont BLVD in Nashville Tennessee! #Hooligang
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The Semester Review: Who spilt over grandpas ashes?
It was all about exploring the city all night and watching the sun rise every morning. No matter how many times we did it, it never got old. California|LA|Photo by @emmkvyy